Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.
-President Abraham Lincoln

Following the sentiments of President Lincoln, Governmental Affairs and representation is essential to the growth and stability of any professional entity. Whether your advocacy needs are a single issue, a regulatory proposal, a legislative bill, a comprehensive strategy, or the development and implementation of a statewide grassroots network, The Wheeler Company Governmental Affairs Division has the experience and capability to successfully complete these objectives.

The advocates of The Wheeler Company (more commonly referred to as Wheeler Co.) are ready to actively lobby, write position letters, or attend and provide testimony at government hearings and forums. To serve your needs, Wheeler Co. advocates can monitor all actions of federal and state governmental entities in both the Legislative and Executive branches. Wheeler Co. advocates can also interact with the Judicial branch if necessary to achieve your goal. Wheeler Co. advocates are ready to prepare issue briefings to familiarize your organization on current political and legislative events. We are ready to work collaboratively with aligned organizations within the industry, working to build relationships and connections that will benefit the long-range goals of your organization.

Of finite interest, Wheeler Co. is one of the few Governmental Affairs firms that specialize in regulatory issue management and advocacy. Though our presence is strong within the Legislative branches of the federal and western state governments, Wheeler Co. advocates have a specialization with the inner workings of the Executive branch.

Wheeler Co. staff will file all paperwork related to your organization’s lobbying efforts, political action committee and legislative affairs. We will keep your organization in continued compliance with the continuously changing state and federal reporting laws.

Whether your governmental relations needs are limited to a single measure or inclusive of a largely sponsored package of legislation, Wheeler Co.’s Governmental Affairs Division can help you to develop an effective and sustainable legislative agenda.

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