The Wheeler Company is a California based limited liability corporation established in 2005. The Wheeler Company, or more commonly referred to as Wheeler Co., has two divisions; Governmental Affairs and Organization Management. .

The Governmental Affairs Division has a broad scope, spanning across federal and state-specific consulting and advocacy capabilities. In addition to its expertise in legislative and congressional affairs, Wheeler Co. also specializes in the regulatory (Executive) arena. These diverse areas of expertise offer our clientele a high degree of access across governmental braches of authority. Clients accessing Governmental Affairs services are not strictly limited to “lobbying” or formal advocacy. Clients also have access to advice on political affairs, seek navigation of governmental entities and singular public policy interests.

Wheeler Co.’s Organization Management Division offers a “one-stop-shop” for organizations of multiple sizes. Wheeler Co. specializes in Organization Management services for not-for-profit organizations with limited budgetary means, yet our services are not exclusive to this sector. By enlisting the services of Wheeler Co., organizations are able to outsource their needs to our firm and pay for only those consultations desired or required. Such services may include financial management, membership sustainability and growth, governmental affairs, event planning, education and training, communications, strategic planning, as well as overall administrative governance.

In addition to our full-time staff, Wheeler Co. retains the consulting services of leading experts. By limiting our internal staff, we are able to compliment the needs of our clientele on an as-needed basis while diversifying our areas of expertise.

Wheeler Co.’s success is attributable to strategic and incremental growth. In addition to our comprehensive services, Wheeler Co. also prides itself as a niche firm rooted with strong client and industry relationships. Wheeler Co. clients are familiar with our skilled team members and services. They appreciate the direct approach of our firm. Wheeler Co. rarely bids for additional clients, as we prefer to keep our clientele related and moderately exclusive. Our growth is due to referrals from our clients, which has kept our firm stable and strong.

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